Things to Come

Any frequenter of this blog has probably noticed my lack of updates. Believe it or not, this isn’t caused entirely by my laziness. No, I have, in fact, been too busy to update. Besides homework, I’ve been going places. Places like Dover, Canterbury, Bath, Westminster Abbey, and, to stand out from all the rest, the Ministry of Sound, one of London’s hottest night clubs.


So, as a checklist for you and a reminder for me, here are some things I’ll post about in the undetermined future:

QMUL excursion 1: Dover/Canterbury

Butler Excursion 1: Bath

Differences between US and England (dining, grocery shopping, crossing the street, homicidal motorists, how polite everybody is, etc)

Ministry of Sound

Westminster Abbey


I won’t write these in any particular order. Until then, I’ll be spending all my spare time watching Veronica Mar-er, drafting these blog posts and diligently doing my homework.



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